On a collection of land-shells from Sarawak, British North Borneo, Palawan, and other neighbouring islands

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1895
Authors:E. A. Smith
Journal:Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London
Start Page:97
Taxonomic name: 
Everettia jucunda (Pfeiffer, 1863) (Taxon Pages), Everettia subconsul (E. A. Smith, 1887) (Taxon Pages), Everettia themis E. A. Smith, 1895 (Taxon Pages), Everettia bangueyensis E. A. Smith, 1895 (Taxon Pages), Leptopoma undatum (Metcalfe, 1851) (Taxon Pages), Japonia mundyanus (Godwin-Austen, 1889) (Taxon Pages), Cyclophorus perdix borneensis (Metcalfe, 1851) (Taxon Pages), Cyclophorus cochranei Godwin-Austen, 1889 (Taxon Pages), Alycaeus hosei Godwin-Austen, 1889 (Taxon Pages), Alycaeus globosus Adams, 1870 (Taxon Pages), Platyraphe linitus (Godwin Austen, 1889) (Taxon Pages), Diplommatina rubicunda (Von Martens, 1864) (Taxon Pages), Pupina hosei Godwin Austen, 1889 (Taxon Pages), Aphanoconia usukanensis (Godwin Austen, 1889) (Taxon Pages), Everettia cutteri cutteri (H. Adams, 1870) (Taxon Pages), Everettia consul (Pfeiffer, 1854) (Taxon Pages), Everettia aglaia (Pfeiffer, 1854) (Taxon Pages), Dyakia busanensis Godwin-Austen, 1891 (Taxon Pages), Hemiplecta densa (Adam & Reeve, 1848) (Taxon Pages), Microcystina saintjohni Godwin-Austen, 1891 (Taxon Pages), Chloritis tomentosa (Pfeiffer, 1854?) (Taxon Pages), Geotrochus whiteheadi (Smith, 1895) (Taxon Pages), Leptopoma skertehly (Smith, xxxx) (Taxon Pages), Leptopoma geotrochoformis (Smith, xxxx) (Taxon Pages), Japonia smithi (Kobelt & Von Moellendorff, 1897) (Taxon Pages), Japonia rabongensis (E. A. Smith, 1894) (Taxon Pages), Japonia quadricincta (E.A Smith, 1895) (Taxon Pages), Japonia kinabaluensis (E. A. Smith, 1895) (Taxon Pages), Japonia jucunda (E. A. Smith, 1894) (Taxon Pages), Japonia conica (E. A. Smith, 1894) (Taxon Pages), Japonia bangueyensis (E. A. Smith, 1894) (Taxon Pages), Japonia balabacensis balabacensis (Smith, 1895) (Taxon Pages), Ditropopsis everetti (Smith, 1895) (Taxon Pages), Cyclophorus kinabaluensis Smith, 1895 (Taxon Pages), Alycaeus sadongensis E. A. Smith, 1895 (Taxon Pages), Alycaeus fultoni Möllendorff, 1895 (Taxon Pages), Alycaeus congener Smith, 1895 (Taxon Pages), Leptopoma trochus Dohrn, 1862 (Taxon Pages), Diplommatina baritensis E. A. Smith, 1894 (Taxon Pages), Diplommatina concolor Quadras & Moellendorff, 1893 (Taxon Pages), Diplommatina recta Smith, 1895 (Taxon Pages), Georissa bangueyensis Smith, 1895 (Taxon Pages), Georissa borneensis Smith, 1895 (Taxon Pages), Georissa everetti Smith, 1895 (Taxon Pages), Georissa gomantongensis E. A. Smith, 1894 (Taxon Pages), Dyakia lindstedti Pfeiffer, 1859 (Taxon Pages), Dyakia subdebilis Smith, 1895 (Taxon Pages), Everettia baramensis E. A. Smith, 1895 (Taxon Pages), Everettia planior E. A. Smith, 1895 (Taxon Pages), Kaliella accepta (Smith, 1895) (Taxon Pages), Kaliella amussitata (Smith, 1895) (Taxon Pages), Kaliella barrakporensis (Pfeiffer, 1852) (Taxon Pages), Kaliella inaequisculpta (Smith, 1895) (Taxon Pages), Kaliella scandens (Cox, 1872) (Taxon Pages), Geotrochus alexis (Smith, 1895) (Taxon Pages), Geotrochus bongaoensis (Smith, 1894) (Taxon Pages), Geotrochus heraclea (Smith, 1895) (Taxon Pages), Geotrochus kinabaluensis (Smith, 1895) (Taxon Pages), Geotrochus pallida (Smith, 1895) (Taxon Pages), Hemiplecta egeria E. A. Smith, 1895 (Taxon Pages), Hemiplecta praeculta E. A. Smith, 1895 (Taxon Pages), Hemiplecta rabongensis E. A. Smith, 1895 (Taxon Pages), Vitrinula thisbe (Smith, 1895) (Taxon Pages), Amphidromus hosei Smith, 1895 (Taxon Pages), Amphidromus similis Pilsbry, 1900 (Taxon Pages), Chloritis kinibalensis (Kobelt, 1894) (Taxon Pages), Ganesella acris (Benson, 1859) (Taxon Pages), Kaliella cara (E. A. Smith, 1895) (Taxon Pages), Kaliella infanilis (Smith, 1895) (Taxon Pages)
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